General Terms & Conditions of Sale

  1. No work will commence without a  minimum of 60% deposit reflecting in our bank account.
  2. The outstanding balance must be paid immediately upon completion of the work. Failure to pay within 48 hours may void the warranty.
  3. Deposits are not refundable.


By accepting our proposal and/or paying the required deposit the client and/or glass owner indemnifies Millroy and/or it’s suppliers and staff from any liability in the event of:

  1. Cracking of glass before, during or after work has been done on it by Millroy.
  2. Any incident of any nature as a result of any act or omission by any Millroy staff member including negligence but not including any will full act or omission. This includes all fittings, channels, gaskets, handles and any other items coming into contact with the glass or items attached to the glass itself.
  3. Millroy may, in some circumstances, remove burglar bars at the client’s request in order to do the work requested. Millroy is under no obligation to replace such burglar bars or to ensure that they are secure. This work is done at the property owners sole discretion and at his own risk. No claims for responsibility for any damage will be entertained by Millroy under any circumstances.
  4. Millroy and Xpel only guarantee the screen protector itself. The device itself is NOT guaranteed by either Millroy or Xpel. This is not negotiable under any circumstances.
  5. Automotive window film may not be darker than 35% by law in South Africa. Any darker film installed by Millroy at the request of the vehicle owner is done entirely at the vehicle owner’s sole risk.


  1.  As a general rule the darker the film the higher the thermal stress on the glass.
  2. The bigger the sheet of glass the higher the accumulated thermal stress becomes.
  3. Laminated glass has the highest risk of failure due to thermal stress.
  4. Scratch removal generates heat due to friction. This can also cause thermal stress.
  5. The edges and corners of the glass are at highest risk of glass failure.

Millroy reserves the right to decline any work if it feels that there is a high probability of failure. Should the client insist then the client will be responsible for the cost of any work done up to the time of failure or satisfactory completion. 


Xpel Screen Protectors Disclaimer & Limited Warranty


This screen protector should be used only as directed. Certain mitigating factors will affect the warranty. Your phone or the screen protector could still be damaged if dropped at any height depending on the angle or surface it lands on.  We highly recommend that you use this screen protector with a protective phone cover as we do not warrant that this screen protector will protect your device in all circumstances.


This product was designed and manufactured with the specific purpose of protecting your cell phone screen. Over a period of time, things that would normally break a glass screen protector will inevitably degrade or damage your Xpel screen protector. Millroy does not offer a warranty for fair wear and tear. Millroy will not take responsibility for faulty application or misuse. Millroy will replace the screen protector if optical defects (at point of application) such as spots, lines or white marks can be seen on the screen protector. Should there be any other manufacturing defects, Millroy will replace the product immediately. Millroy retains the right to determine or define a manufacturing defect. This product is manufactured by Lamin8 Films who underwrite all the above terms and conditions of sale.

Warranty Claims

Please contact us should you wish to make a warranty claim. Note that you will be required to present your proof of purchase. The device on which the screen protector is applied is not covered by any warranty under any circumstances.