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Millroy Artysands offers on-site and off-site sandblasting, including decorative hand blasted designs frosted onto glass, mirrors, sliding doors and wine glasses.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of erosion of a surface by shooting particles of an abrasive material at high speed using compressed air. These particles cause the surface to chip and thereby produce the frosted effect. By using a stencil to protect certain areas we can control the area blasted and thereby produce sandblasted designs and logos on glass, metal, tiles, wood and other materials.

Why Millroy Artysands for sandblasting?

Millroy Artysands was started in 1995 and quickly established itself as the company to contact for high quality and service at a realistic price. Our work is found all over the Western Cape and beyond in homes, businesses and places of worship. We are a small staff of highly motivated people who take great pride in our work and get incredible pleasure from seeing yet another totally satisfied client.

Services offered by Millroy Artysands

Quality and Service continue to be our Success!

For more information about Millroy on-site sandblasting, decorative sandblasting, laser engraving, scratch removal, window film or Clearshield, please view our FAQ page.


Every effort has been taken to protect the rights of the copyright holders of the designs on this website. If we have slipped up in any way please advise us at millroy@millroy.co.za and the relevant design will be removed immediately. On the other hand if you have a design you would like to display on this site we would be happy to consider it and give you the credit.

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Phone: 021 510 0911
Fax: 021 511 5632
086 571 7410
Cell: 083 310 1428 (Keith)
Cell: 083 700 1017 (Miguel)
Email: millroy@millroy.co.za

5 Berbax Park
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South Africa
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